Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 December 2004

My Honor Student Is Not Nearly as Cool as Your Student

What happens if your kid turns out to be totally uncool.

I was watching a some people last night: an older couple and a younger one. The older woman was either the younger woman's mother or mother-in-law. But I couldn't help notice how much cooler the older woman was. She had a nice haircut, rather stylish outfit, etc. The younger woman (mid-forties, let's say) had bangs and hair down to the small of her back, too-tight jeans, and was clearly uncool. What, I mused, must the older woman think of the younger. If she's her mother-in-law, she probably thinks her son chose awfully poorly, but it's so much worse if she's her mother! I mean, how could she with the stylish haircut and savvy demeanor have produced someone so out of it?

Then I took the thought further. My father the minister produced a liberal, athiest, homosexual son. Could I not then produce a son who could become a convert to Christianity or Islam or something? How horrified I would be! And if my son could be converted to a religion could he not then become homophobic even, and be taught to hate my partner and me? I mean this could happen!!

I mean, I suppose every child hates his parents at some point in his existence.

What did our parents do when we hated them?