Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 December 2004

I Don't Like Mondays

Went to Westfield Santa Anita and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was uncluttered with riff-raff on a Monday evening. There were very few people there in general. It was nice.

I went to Express Men and exchanged the blue shirt I bought on 11/26 for the green one I wanted that they didn't have on 11/26. It's a very nice green: a kind of jewel shade of lime.

I finished re-reading The America Play. As I was reading I kept asking myself "What the fuck am I gonna do with this?" I called Allan but he wasn't much help, although his explanation of "The Great Hole of History" was better than the stuff milling about my head. PLUS something Allan said--can't remember what it was now--made me think of a set. Maybe I'll read it again tomorrow. I just don't know what this play looks like. I hear it really well, and it's a badass piece of writing, but man, I don't see it.

At least they didn't assign Imperceptible Mutabilities of the Third Kingdom. ? Geez.

I had a nice salad for dinner: bacon, Gorgonzola, jícama, tomatoes, fresh basil. Yum.

I think I was going to say something about work. Ah well. The CFO loves me now, by the way. She asked me about movies today and then roped me into conversation for twenty minutes. And then I worked an hour of overtime. I love this job, I swear.

Oh, and I didn't hear back from Dr. Melissa Aaron about writing me a recommendation, so I decided to hit Send on the Berkeley application. I am now completely finished with Berkeley. I still have stuff to send in for Stanford (obviously: see above frustration about Parks' America Play.)

To go:
Cornell University, Ithaca NY : Deadline 1/15/05
University of California, Davis CA : Deadline 1/15/05
University of Washington, Seattle WA : Deadline 2/15/05

I wonder what hoops they'll want me to jump through...