Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 February 2005

Edward Albee Rocks My World (Again)

I called absolutely hysterical tonight because this evening after work I went to the Mark Taper Forum and
This level of hysteria from someone who had already read the play and knew exactly what was going to happen--or thought I did--I didn't fucking know shit I swear to god. I really shouldn't even have been driving home in the state I was in.

Holy FUCK.

Oh my god. Go see this play as soon as humanly fucking possible.

Oh yeah, and I got a rejection letter from UC Berkeley when I got home. I put it on my fridge. Letters from institutions for higher education really do belong on one's refrigerator. They chose five candidates out of eighty-seven applicants. I was one of the many, unfortunately, and not one of the few.

I will have to post soon about my back-up plan if I don't get into grad school.
Perhaps I'll post about it when I figure it out.

Stop reading about me, though, and go buy your tickets to The Goat. Go here. You have got to see this play.

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