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03 February 2005

State of the Union

I had a horrifying dream last night that I got fired from Avjet and I had to go work at another aircraft charter company. I was really sad in the dream.

Last night I visited my friends Madison and Brantley in Valencia. Maddie and I went shopping after we watched the State of the Union address (which I didn't completely hate.) I bought another print for my house. I have three now, guys. This new one is beautiful, too. Hooray... oh yeah, and it was $40. Cheers.

As for Mr. Bush: while he was talking I kept thinking about the audio I always hear of the Parliament in UK, where the senators (or whatever they're called) make so much noise: boo the PM and stuff. I love that: people actually being sincere about their politics and making some noise about it. While Bush spoke to a house full of admirers, I was in Valencia booing or disagreeing or whatever, and yet none of the people I voted for did that. You know? But then Bush said some lie about Social Security and they did in fact boo at him! I was so happy!
Okay, I love the idea about him re-vamping Social Security, and I completely support this idea of private accounts (which he explained quite succinctly last night), but he still hasn't explained how he's going to close this enormous gap he is predicting. I don't really believe in the gap, and obviously most of the Democrats think he's full of hogwash when he talks about the system being bankrupt in 2055, but even if there is such a thing, private accounts won't close it. Only cutting benefits or raising the retirement age will do that. And why can't we raise the retirement age like Clinton suggested ten years ago? I think it's a fine idea, and most of the other people my age will tell you they think it is too. He's talking about changing absolutely nothing for anyone over 55 years of age anyway (typically, he protects his gigantic AARP constituancy. I hate them.)

He supports an amendment to keep marriage between a man and a woman. (Amendment won't pass, so I don't even know why he brings it up.)
He is opposed to stem cell research. ("Harvesting human embryos," he called it.)
Then he started talking about Iraq and Syria and I had to shut it off. I hate when he talks about his international agenda. It just makes me cringe.

He also said something about clean, safe nucular [sic] power, but I didn't know what he was talking about. Maybe I was drunk that day in my high school Physics class.

I hate him so very much.

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