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06 February 2005

Post Screen Actor's Guild Awards Oscar Thoughts

I am in denial about Hilary Swank being a lock for Best Actress, but it is looking more and more like she is going to win, and that Annette Bening will lose again. Annette will certainly be nominated again, but she should really win for Being Julia.

Jamie Foxx is a lock. This is juggernaut status, baby. He's this year's Charlize Theron.

As I predicted to as we were walking out of the movie theatre, Morgan Freeman is going to get his Oscar this year. This is his fourth nomination and he's never won one before, so it is his time. It's an easy performance, I think, but it's the kind of performance that we're used to Morgan Freeman giving.

Supporting Actress is not really "anyone's call" as people are saying. I think Laura Linney, Sophie Okonedo and Natalie Portman are decidedly out, Leaving two possibilities. I will bet that Cate Blanchett takes it this year, but Virginia Madsen could win.

Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby. It's gotta be. I hope hope hope.