Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 February 2005

Sometimes I'm on My Game...

What does Fiona Apple say? Sometimes my mind don't shake and shift / But most of the time it does.

I haven't been getting enough sleep. This week is also the toughest week out of the month at work. We have management statements due and this month I have been given an equal share to the other lowly accountants in my office: meaning I have six of them to do. This would all be okay, actually. They just take a long time, really. I mean, they're not especially tough. But lack of sleep and increased pressure led me to be an unhappy camper around 1:00p today. I had lunch around 1:15p and simply decided to give in to the bad mood. I announced to the others that I was indeed in a bad mood and not to fuck with me. They did not heed my warning, but most escaped without me raising my voice. The lazy one was not so lucky. She totally fucked up something I was working on and then didn't tell me until it was way too late and I had to go back and fix this thing (I am blowing it out of proportion, but hey... bad mood.) It really wasn't that bad. I was just pissy... and tired.

I called a bunch of people on the way home: my usual M.O.
Bernardo didn't answer his phone, of course. He was supposed to have sent me the plays I am supposed to choose from last Wednesday. I still have not received them so I don't know what he's doing. He says that this playwriting kid Eric has written something he thinks is really interesting and he wants me to think about that too. I can't think about it, of course, because I haven't read it.
Madison never answers her phone, but I actually left her a message this time.
And I called Kevin. Mostly just to say hi. I saw him at CSUP on Monday and I realized I kind of missed him. So we chatted for a while. He's so weird. I think I'm drawn to him in the way I am drawn to other dorks--kinda like Andrew--he's really passionate about acting, so that is interesting to me, but he's not at all cool like Justin or Wahima or Elizabeth

I came home and turned on Wong Kar-Wai's Chung King Express, but didn't even get halfway through it before I started to fall asleep. So I gave into that too and laid down on my sofa and slept. Bernardo called me back after a while and he seemed very confused that I hadn't received the plays. Hm.

Or better yet / I'll wear shades / on sunless days / and when the sun's out I'll stay in and slumber