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20 February 2005

I Love You Three

Tonight I saw my friend's production of A Breeze from the Gulf by Mart Crowley (The Boys in the Band). It's very well realized and a nicely-directed piece. It's also intensely personal and powerful. I feel like Ashley put so much of herself into the show. I really feel like the show teaches me a lot about you as a person and as an artist, Ash. Congratulations to you and to Tito, who just took no fucking prisoners in this show. It was a brave performance and you should be very proud.

Also at the show was my old (designer) colleague Jeanine Lambeth Eastham. It's so funny, when she and I get together it always seems to be yap yap yap about theatre. It's so great. I love talking to this woman. She's working on a production of Spoon River Anthology right now at Pomona College which she swears is really good (I know, I know, but she says so.) I told her I want to go see it. I've actually never seen a production of it, so...
Anyway, it's just so amazing how things come to us. I saw three shows this week and I'm going to see two next week and the week after that I will be casting my own. Things are back in swing and all at once I'm a part of the theatre community again. It's so refreshing. And I feel at home.

Amazing. It's such a gift to be able to come right back to theatre as if I'd never left and to simply know that this is what I need to be doing for the rest of my life. I can work in accounting for months and never see the inside of a theatre, but I step into one or have a conversation with another theatre artist and it's like a splash of water on my face. This is what I do.


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