Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 February 2005

I Don't Want to Go to Work in the Morning and So I Rebel By Not Getting Enough Sleep

Must... go... to bed... It's fucking late, and I went out to Pomona to see a run through of Ashley's production of Mart Crowley's A Breeze from the Gulf, which looks like it's going to be really good. My friend is talented. It makes me happy. BTW, Tito is in the show and is doing excellent work.

I saw a lot of my peeps from CSUP: people I like, like Matt and Brittney and Tori and Anthony and Kevin, who looks like he's going to go exploring up the Mississippi for Ponce de León.
And of course WAHIMA. I love you.

Mostly, though, I just hung out with Ashley and we talked about her show and how to make it even better and other stuff that we needed to talk about: just friend-time. It was good. We have that very infrequently nowadays.

I talked to Mike Steger on the phone today, too. He's going to India for free with his girlfriend who will be filming there for a month and a half. Mike will be there for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. For FREE.
Um... I'm jealous.