Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 March 2005

Melinda and Melinda

Happy Easter, y'all.

Melinda and Melinda is the first good Woody Allen movie I've seen since Sweet and Lowdown six years ago. It's about time. It's not as contemplative and emotionally complex as The Purple Rose of Cairo or Radio Days, and it doesn't have the seamless transition between tragedy and comedy that Crimes & Misdemeanors and Manhattan Murder Mystery have, but it is good. He hits on a lot of interesting points about life: the value of hope over neurosis, the power of friendship, and the fluidity of affection.

It's a bit long: all of the recent ones seem to be longer than his 80's films, and there are points when it drags slightly. There are scenes that could be cut or trimmed, but overall it is a fine piece of work from a filmmaker from whom I can finally say I expect great things in the future.

I was positively grinning when I left the theatre. And so was everyone else.

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