Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 March 2005

The Land of Milk & Honey

I think I'm feeling a little exhausted. It's okay, because I can handle it, but there is a lot going on. My rehearsals for Raw started yesterday and (like any first day of rehearsal) it was exciting and at the same time a huge letdown. It always is a letdown and I guess I'm not really sure why. I should get better at that. I think it kind of has to do with my expectations of actors: I always think they're better than they really are. I guess that's what makes me a teacher.

I took the day off on Monday to go to Temecula for some wine tasting. That was loads of fun for the most part. Mmmm wine.

After drinking all day Monday I stopped into the grocery store early Tuesday morning before going to work to buy some fruit. As I passed a wine display I thought "Oooo! Wine!" and then I said "Aaron, you're starting to sound like an alcoholic. Get your fruit and go." There are worse things to be, I guess. Mmmm. Wine.

Oh. And this bitch I hate is going to be in the reading of As You Like It. I found out yesterday. Jesus. I hate her.