Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 March 2005

As You Fuck It

Signs above the theatre should read "This Play is over 400 Years Old! Beware!"

As You Like It was dreadful. I have seen good productions of it and this version by Sir Peter Hall most definitely does NOT qualify. There were two or three lovely moments, Rebecca Hall was passable and occasionally endearing. Her lover Orlando (whose name I have forgotten) was great but lost his charm in the second half. The elderly gentleman who played Jacques and the young man who played Silvius were wonderful, but everyone else in the cast was bad... just bad. And they might've been alright if the direction weren't so fucking bad.

They sat on the floor in almost every scene. I almost killed myself. A three hour comedy with more superfluous scenes than Solomon's wives. Dear god it was bad. Bad bad bad. By the end I was wishing I hadn't come... or that I'd had a second glass of Shiraz, and then a third.

I keep trying to find good things to say about this show... but stay away if you have any love for yourself at all stay away!