Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 March 2005

The New Format

I have way too much hair on my head right now. I need a haircut so badly it's killing me. I feel crushed by the weight.

In the coming five weeks this weblog will probably feature a lot more "rehearsal redux" entries than you'll actually want to read, so I apologize in advance, dear readers.

I am directing four short plays. Three of them have only two characters apiece. The fourth has six characters. I am working with eight student actors for this project. We had our first two rehearsals last night and tonight. The first rehearsals are always difficult for me. A.) I almost always regret my casting. B.) I almost always wish I knew the play better than I do. C.) I always think I talk too much.

All of these applied to these last two nights.

Plus... the drive is killer. It's awful. I hate it. It takes just a little over 90 minutes every day to get from Burbank to Pomona and that's way too fucking long for anyone to stay sane. This working of two jobs back to back means that I have no time to do pleasurable things like watch films, too. Boo to that. Ah well. One day I will be able to direct shows and teach classes and then go home at night and not have to work another job to support my doing of theatre.