Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 March 2005

You Look Like a Monkey...

Birthday was very fun. I got phone calls throughout the day, I watched The Last Metro, which is sturdy Truffaut, but mostly just a vehicle for Catherine Deneuve and the (then young) Gérard Depardieu. Then around 5:00p, Julie, Lisa, Anna, Jaime, Scott, John and Aaron Cohen came over to my place, we walked up to the Gold Line (where we bought tickets that were never checked by anyone), and we rode downtown to Union Station where we met Simon and Sarah for dinner on Olvera street. I was buzzin' on the train, but after half a pitcher of margaritas, I was extremely talkative. Nice.

I, of course, wanted to go dancing after this, but my friends seemed to have other plans and they all said good night to me back at my house before 11:00p. Kinda lame, but it was a very fun night anyway and Jai promised to take me dancing soon.

This morning I am goin' out for dim sum with Debs and Mike and my aunt and uncle.
Tonight I'm going out with R&J again for Romeo's birthday. Hooray for my favorite people.

And I will definitely be applying to Mary Baldwin College. I asked my dad what he thought and he responded "HECK YEAH APPLY!" Then, I kid you not, last night after I got home from my birthday soirée, I got the mail and what did see but an application. They snail-mailed me an application. They really want me to apply... So apply I shall.