Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 March 2005

Daily Insanity

There was major drama today at work: the kind of drama that one doesn't get used to working at a job alone. I am in a department where everyone else is a woman: that's eight women to be exact... and me. Normally this means there's always a kind of uneasiness bubbling below the surface. These women can be sensitive and touchy and sometimes (especially with the lazy one) they can be manic and irrational and ridiculously difficult. Today there was an eruption of sorts... enough that the whole department became involved: CFO, controller, HR manager, accounting supervisor, everyone in Accounting. Madness.

Then I had to come home and sit at a Homeowner's Association meeting where one of the owners on my floor was screaming at the president of the board for no apparent reason and he was shouting back at her (defending his honor, I guess, is what he thought he was doing.) In this situation I was actually of help: calming the parties down and asking the property manager to continue on with Board business. Madness.

People are crazy. I could tell you some serious stories of people who own units in this condo association.
There's a man with a dryer in his living room. It's hooked up to his fireplace gas-line.
There's a woman who has a flock of pigeons living on her balcony because she stores cardboard boxes and bottles up there.
There's a male nurse who cares for one of the owners who reportedly flashed and groped (!) a painter who had come to work on the property.
There's a woman who hasn't washed, vacuumed or replaced her carpeting in thirty years. Reportedly there are paths of dirt from doorways into other rooms where she has walked since the 1970s.
There are people storing a mattress in the garage where their car is supposed to be parked.
There are people who go visit the property manager and yell at her in her office.
There are people who are too embarrassed to allow anyone into their units.
There are people who let their dogs defecate in the hallway and don't clean it up.

In good news:
I cast my show last night. I feel fairly good about the cast list and I think that all the writers are happy with me and with their casts.
I bought myself a book: The Films of Merchant Ivory. Very exciting.
Tomorrow is Friday.
I'm going to see Steel Train on Sunday.
I don't have another HOA meeting until June.