Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 March 2005

News Update

So I was over at the parents' last night and dad was watching "On the Media." It's on Fox but it's actually an okay show. They were saying that public opinion polls about the Schiavo matter say that Americans overwhelmingly believe that Mr. Schiavo should have the right to decide what happens to his wife and Mr. & Mrs. Schindler should not decide. Overwhelmingly. The press, however, is keeping these polls from Americans because they want the controversy. Doesn't surprise me. Not surprisingly, to me, my parents would want their plugs pulled. I already knew, but I asked for good measure. They were also talking about what the mass media were doing, how they were treating the so-called "controversy," etc, and I was actually kind of surprised. I was like, "They didn't do any of that kind of grandstanding on NPR. They had neurologists on talking about what is happening inside Mrs. Schiavo's brain." My parents don't listen to NPR, but they have brains. I guess I feel as though everyone should be listening to NPR news and no one should be watching television news. If I need to see pictures of things, I go to the NPR website or read the Yahoo! headlines.

I got my rejection letter from UC Davis last night. Rejection from PhD programs is now complete. I really hope I get into Mary Baldwin. If I don't, I think I'm going to study on my own and try to write a few top-notch 25-page papers on stuff.

I know I said I would never be involved in another of Linda's Shakespeare readings... but she called me and told me that her husband needs to go into the hospital, she just can't handle it and would I please do it as a favor to her. I said yes. As You Like It. I am cutting the shit out of it, but you just know she's already cast it chock full of idiots. Ah well.

Rehearsals for my new CSUP show start on Tuesday. I kind of am not really ready. I will try to do some work today or tomorrow. Geez.