Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

07 March 2005

Steel Train Rock

Last night I drove down to Fullerton to meet up with Jai, Lisa, Julie, Scott and Aaron Cohen. The we piled in a minivan to go down to Anaheim to see STEEL TRAIN at Chain Reaction. They are so frigging awesome. We got to the venue fairly early and then spent mucho time drinking in the parking lot (getting back to my roots).
The modern grunge scene is a very strange thing. It's easy for me to participate in it, of course, but it's just so... fake. These kids are in little grunge t-shirts and ripped jeans, but the t-shirts are all from Armani Excange and the denim is all Lucky Brand or Mavi. They are name-brand whores while at the same time trying to pretend they want to fuck the establishment. So fucking fake.
Kids these days. Geez.

The band was awesome, though, as usual. They just get better and better. I told all of them that I love them, and I shook Jack's hand and hugged Evan. The band is so nice, too. Amazing. Jack's mom and dad were there and Julie had a long conversation with his mom. Julie is so funny about Jack.

Alright. Off to work.