Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

23 March 2005

When You're Gone / All the Colors Fade When You're / Gone

Hi guys,
Sorry for being away so long.

Last night I watched Fallen Angels from Wong Kar-Wai. He is so fucking awesome. It's not as good as Chung King Express, but it has similar themes and works fairly well as a follow-up. It does boast the gorgeous Takeshi Kaneshiro, who has some really funny stuff... there's all of this hilarity based on him forcing people to do things like eat ice cream and get their hair washed. Very funny.

We're having audits at work and they're very stressful for everyone there. I mostly don't feel like going in. I have keyed myself up so much at the thought of going back to school...
I should really stop talking about it, but it's all I think about. Probably why I'm not updating the LJ.

Oh yeah, and my parents took me to dinner at the Hotel Bel Air and I had probably the best meal I've ever eaten in my whole life. It cost and arm and a leg, but goddamn was it good! It's so swank and the food is so awesome. You should all go when you have lots of cash to burn.

Oh, and check out this self-titled album by Amos Lee. I am loving it.