Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

10 March 2005

And I Wonder Why My CellPhone Died.

I should be in bed.
But I have been having various conversations all night. My aunt wanted to catch up with me... whatever. I guess she's making an effort.
I talked to my brother and my sister both.
I had a conversation with Elizabeth (when did you become my favorite person? I swear I love you.)
Then I had a conversation via MySpace (I know, I know: lame) with someone from high school who I have not seen in six years. It was actually kind of nice.

I wish I had something fascinating to write about. Sorry.
Go read Kirsten's livejournal. It's infinitely more interesting and conflicted (today). Well, it's always conflicted, it's just not always infinitely more interesting than mine. Geez. I'm starting to write like her.

I read Blithe Spirit tonight, too. Why don't people produce Noel Coward more? He's funny. I'm going to read Hay Fever next.

I'm so tired, too. I came home from work tonight and lay on the couch and fell asleep! instead of watching one of my Netflix selections.

A bit of you's the only drug I must abuse.
A bit of you's the only substance I cannot refuse.