Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

16 May 2006

All My Sons

I'm not a voracious Arthur Miller reader or anything (mind you, I have his complete works sitting on my desk, but have I even cracked it?), but I just had to see All My Sons down at the Geffen Playhouse. It's Neil Patrick Harris (whom I love) and Len Cariou and Laurie Metcalf and the ads are everywhere and it's getting fabulous reviews and it was sold out on a Tuesday. So everything was set when Ashley said she wanted to go and Elizabeth said she wanted to go and we had a party.

The show is brilliant. It's wonderful and powerful and timely and deeply moving and all of those things you say about really good theatre when you're lucky enough to catch some (it's hard, I find, in this city, though you'd think it wouldn't be.) I totally loved it and I thought it was profound and human and masterfully directed and performed.

So get a ticket if you still can. You will not be sorry. I promise. And if you love theatre and you're in Los Angeles you really have to go. Shows like this don't happen here very often.

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