Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 May 2004

Cristofori's Dream

Met Jaime around 9:30p for coffee at Stbks in Pomona.  She was already deep in discussion with this woman Cindy (who of course knows Dennis Logan).  Cindy talked to the two of us for a full hour about all sorts of stuff until Jaime and I sort of ended it.  She was interesting to talk to: a hippie sort of woman, but more intelligent than most hippies one meets.  She's a harpist and a Tolkien fiend and a monotheist and a reformer in education.  She was good times, actually, but Jaime and I so rarely see one another that after an hour it was like, can she please leave so I can see my friend who I never see alone.

Talking with Jaime when we're alone is the greatest.  She's so supportive and wonderful, and we don't just discuss topics of conversation like gay marriage or religion, I feel like when I am with her, I am working through my issues with these topics. It's tough to explain, but we talked about Jai starting to go to church, and she's telling me about church and she makes me want to go back to church just a little... that's saying a lot, I think.

She was telling me about the story of Hannah and her son Samuel... and I remember it of course.  It's such a beautiful story, and Jaime was so moved by the story.  One thing about cutting Christianity out of my life, is that I forced myself to forget all of the myths and stories that are a part of the Christian consciousness.

Cindy said something tonight about how she read the classics when she was little because they were bloody and ended badly and the people in those myths did all sorts of crazy shit.  And it came to me: the endings.  That's why I got hooked on the classics so young... they don't end the way popular stories end.  Lovers are parted or die and heroes are killed or don't get the girl.  Sometimes good wins out, but so rarely.  And I think the line between good and evil is so often blurred.  But this must be why I was drawn to Greek and Roman mythology so young.  Christian mythology is much the same way: even the lovely story of Hannah... she eventually has to take Samuel to Eli at the age of 5 and give him up to God.

Is everyone else as desperate as I am for Troy to open?  Sometimes I think May 14th will never arrive.

I worked on Shrew tonight.  Just did a quick scene breakdown.  I will start the longer notes tomorrow.