Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

20 May 2004

Me day

I decided to pay a little more attention to myself today. I am having a quiet day: trying to speak as little as possible and focus on the workings of my own mind. I spend so much of my time giving attention to others that it is important every once in a while to do this, I think.
I called work this morning and told them I wouldn't be in until 1:00p. I stayed home and read some more of The Red Tent. This book is feeding me in a really strange way. It follows the Biblical stories of Jacob and his sons, but it does so from the women's point of view. And so the stories of the men which I know so well are merely hinted at, as I feed upon the stories of these wonderful women.
I am at work now. But I am staying quiet and doing my work as much in silence as I can.