Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

16 May 2004

The Land That Time Forgot

[British Accent:] "Are you married?"


"Are you a lesbian?"

Yesterday, this quote from Four Weddings and a Funeral came to me just as I was pulling in to my parking space in our garage.  I was laughing quite heartily to myself, that is until I met Margarita, who is on the HOA board, in the parking garage.  Instead of ceasing my laughter, I naturally told her what I was so amused about.  She remembered the quote too, and we both had a good laugh about it.  Then she says, "I guess we get inquisitive like that when we get old."  I'm thinking, "how true."

Yesterday morning, the board hosted a potluck brunch where the owners could come and discuss revamping the garden areas in our building.  It's basically overgrown with these elephant-ear plants that soak up water as though we live in the Amazonian rainforest.  Its resemblance to the set of Jurassic Park is uncanny.  I had no time to bake, and since I still have no idea what a potluck brunch is, I found a box of Jiffy cornbread in my cupboard, added eggs and milk, baked it for 20 minutes, lined a bowl with a towel, and took corn muffins as my date to the brunch.  I felt cheap, but they were all gone when I left, so they must have been good.

Dean (HOA board president) still lives with that absolutely gorgeous Asian guy who I saw him with before.  The Asian guy is definitely a 'mo, but I'm actually not sure about Dean anymore.  I thought they were a couple, but maybe they're not.  Who knows, anymore with people.  I just need to find out of it's a two-bedroom unit or only a one-bedroom.  If it only has one bedroom we'll all know what's going on. (Okay, just me.)

I got my dumb ass signed up for some committee to work on a design for the garden area.  But I want to be involved, I guess.  Otherwise, idiots will have a say.  If I'm on the committees, I can veto the idiots.  Not too many people went to this meeting.  Jim the treasurer went; he's decided we can be friends now that he knows I work in education.  Sonny & Rosie went, of course, and Robert Delgadillo (my friend).  And far too may old men were there as well.  Octagenarians with no teeth should not go to these meetings.  They just hold shit up.  We can send them the minutes.  Do we really have to listen to them natter on about cracks in their flooring?  I don't care about that shit.  We were there for a meeting about the common garden areas.  Oh well.  When he was talking, I opened a brochure on water-conserving California-native plants, so I wasn't really listening anyway.

Last night I finished Eats, Shoots & Leaves, which I recommend to anyone who is fascinated by punctuation.  It's a great book.  I am on a reading kick again.  I think I will do some more this week.  I also watched the first two hours of the 1962 Sidney Lumet film of Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night.  After two hours I went to bed.  One can only take so much O'Neill before one wants to kill one's self, and this three hour-long descent into Hell has no intermission like it would in a theatre.  Hepburn is great, and I liked Jason Robards and Dean Stockwell, but England can have Ralph Richardson back.  I hate his acting style and always have.  So much posturing and boredom.  Blech.

My coffee's cold.  I'm off to the grocery.

I'm not gonna leave ya.  There's no way I will.  And I am telling you that I'm not going.  You're the best man I'll ever know.  There's no way I can ever ever go.  No no no no way.  No no no no way I'm livin' without you.  I'm not livin' without you, not livin' without you.  I don't wanna be freee.  I'm stayin', I'm stayin', and you, and you, and you: your'e gonna love me.  You're gonna love me.  Yes.  Love me.  Love me.  Love me.  Love me.  Love me.  You're gonna loooooooooooooooooove.  Me.