Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 May 2004

Super Size Me

Bought an enormous $5 Nestle Crunch bar off a man who was selling candy to pay for "his nephew's funeral."  I bought it anyway, ignoring my policy about the barbarism of people who sell things in the parking lot of the grocery.  I kind of felt like eating the chocolate.  Of course, I promptly told my roommate to eat as much of it as he wanted: that I didn't need to eat it and I know it isn't good for me.  The thing about Crunch bars is I love the crisped rice and all that; it's the milk chocolate I hate.  I swear, milk chocolate doesn't even taste good.  It just kind feels good as you eat it.  I always feel a little gross after I'm finished with my consumption of milk chocolate.  I was thinking of how many different chocolate candies would be better with dark chocolate.  I would love dark chocolate Whoppers and dark chocolate Crunch bars.  A dark chocolate 100 Grand would be delicious.  The dark chocolate candies on the market are so few: Riesen and Milky Way Dark and that's it... and Milky Ways are so silly-tasting.  I do like Riesen, but I await the Dark Chocolate Whoppers.  The day they come out, I'm seriously going to gain ten pounds from massive consumption.  I'll make a documentary about myself called Sexual Chocolate or What a Whopper! or He Has Malted Milk Balls.

By the way, I don't think I can see Super-Size Me.  It just looks too revolting.  And I don't even eat at McDonald's.

I watched Of Mice and Men today and thought of Kristen MacLaren.  She did a scene from that in Acting II (the class I should have been in).  Why I didn't take Acting II that year is still rather a mystery to me.  I took Voice that quarter but that was it and then I switched my major to theatre and the following quarter took Acting III and Voice II. 

So long ago.

One of the actors I've cast in Shrew worked with my old friend Antonio Ocampo-Guzman.  I will have to ask him where and when this was.  I just noticed Antonio on his résumé yesterday.

I need to go to the movies and see a really good 2004 movie.  Maybe I ought to stick to the foreign selections.  I have been hanging out in the big theatres (Shrek 2, Troy), and the other movies I've been seeing in the theatre have been old (La Dolce Vita, 7th Heaven).  I need to see a good independent movie.  Big studio pictures are so rarely good, and never good this early in the year.  There's just nothing out right now that looks super-cool.  It is a dearth.  La Dolce Vita rocked, by the way.  That Fellini!  What a master.