Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 May 2004

Fixing Public Education

Early this morning I headed out to Costa Mesa again.  My friend, Madison, who is in the Amy Freed play that they're doing at South Coast Rep (they closed today), invited me to a play reading that they had at 11am for the new play by Richard Greenberg called Safe in Houses.  I was glad I went, not only to see my friend, but also to hear the new play.  I love being a part of stuff like this: burgeoning ideas and plays that are still in their early stages.  The play has some great bits and has a lot of promise.  It's nowhere near the re-invention of theatre and innovation that was Take Me Out, but it's a play with a lot of really wonderful things in it.  It definitely has some great characters (the actors were wonderful) and the ending for Act One is spot-on.  There are two more acts, and some people seemed to think this was a problem, but the play wasn't too long for me.  Richard Greenberg writes my kind of theatre, though.  It's exactly the kind of play I can sit through for six hours or so.  Engaging characters, a total attention to language, and a political and theatrical sensibility that is very intellectual.  Safe in Houses does have problems, though.  Chief among them are its title--what does that even mean?--and the ending.  My problem with the ending is the character of Scott Tim.  I didn't get to know him at all, and felt no real affection for him, whereas I was fiercely attached to the other characters.  The play ends with Tim and because I don't know him/understand him/care about him, for me the ending doesn't work.  I guess I can shut up now about this play that no one but me has read.  But I look forward to seeing what they will do with it next year at SCR.

This actor in Safe in Houses was so great: his name is Adam Scott and I was very attracted to him. I researched him on the 'net, but there isn't much about him.  He was in Torque and A.I.  He will also be in The Aviator and the Jane Fonda movie Monster-in-Law.  Anyway, his performance was really something.  I was very impressed.  He played the Aaron character so very well.  This is why I think Greenberg's such an amazing playwright and why I personally like him so much.  In his plays there is always a character who I identify with a great deal.  There aren't many playwrights like this for me.

Worked some more on Shrew tonight.  Hopefully a concept comes to me soon.  Actually, what I keep seeing is a beach setting like that series of episodes when Saved by the Bell is at that resort for the whole summer.  I'll have to think about it more.  I hate to get weighed down by concept, but this beach idea might be sexy and have some good laughs.

Laughs are really the most important thing.  Sexy comes second, though.  I still haven't talked to Zamora.  Should I be worried?  Where is this guy?  Is he organizing the audition days?  When is he gonna tell me?  Hopefully tomorrow.