Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 May 2004

Do you take this man?

This morning, as I look at pictures of gays and lesbians getting married legally for the first time in this country, I get a bit emotional.  Today Massachusetts forced the U.S. to become only the fourth nation in the world where marriage is allowed for homosexuals (The Netherlands, Belgium, and 3 of Canada's provinces are the others).  But watching these people marry after waiting for so long is really touching and beautiful.  It makes my heart so happy and full.

Yesterday, I went to see James Snyder in a show at The Court Theatre on La Cienega.  It was a Ray Bradbury show called Let's All Kill Constance.  It was SO awful.  Just awful.  I was supposed to hang out with James afterward, but he got surprised by some family friends and had to have dinner with them, so I drove down to Culver City, even though it was only 5:30p.  I found somewhere to sit and worked some more on Shrew.  There are so many questions to ask this early in the process, and not having a cast yet is so strange.  I don't know why stage pictures are so difficult for me without a cast.  (Though, maybe not having seen the space is contributing to this problem.) 

The meeting with Linda and Ashley went well enough, though there isn't much result from the meeting, except that I kind-of decided I really want to do Pterodactyls, if the department can handle that enormous set-piece.  So I'm leaving this up to them.  If they can handle it, I'll do Pterodactyls, which I'm not sure I completely get (!), and if they can't handle my fossil, I'll do Valparaiso.

The food Linda fed Ashley and me was so salty that it kept me up last night.  Seriously I was almost sick at like 3:00a.  Gross.