Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 May 2004

Sweet Transvestite

I have cheered up considerably since the morning.  Steve has left and gone to a clients (woo hoo!) and Brittney called to tell me that she will be catching a ride with Rick to the audition.  So one more cast-able male.  That's great.  I solved another problem with the males, too.  I am casting this girl named Star something-or-other as one of the males and it's gonna work just fine.  She wants to play a man and this might be a cute role for her.  I can cast her as the Pedant and then she can pretend to be Vincentio in Act IV.  But when she is not pretending to be Vincentio, she can be a woman, which might make the subterfuge even funnier.  One less male to cast.  Sometimes I'm brilliant.