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15 May 2004

I Told You to Go Before We Left

After Troy, Wahima and I went down to the Wilshire Theatre to see Urinetown: the Musical.

This was one of the best and funniest shows that I have ever seen.  If you live in Los Angeles, you need to get yourself some tickets to this show.  I'm actually tempted to go again.  It is so fucking great.  I was laughing my ass off.  I was hollering in the middle of the show.  It is SO FUNNY.

This review isn't very thorough so far.  Sorry.

So there's this town, and there's a water shortage, and the water is rationed, so the denizens of this town have to pay to use the public privy.  The costumes are filthy, and Urinetown looks and feels like a Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht musical from the early Twentieth Century.  It's got the same kind of Brechtian conceit to it, too.  There's a narrator who announces that this is a show and this is Act One and you'll find out lots more in Act Two.  The lead guy (I'm actually not sure of his name because they announced that an understudy was coming in and Wa and I weren't sure for which character.)  But the lead guy is brilliant.  He has the most beautiful, clear (read: non-Broadway standard) voice.  The other leads are all very good as well, but the main thing is that this show is fucking funny.  The music is fairly good.  Wahima and I were crazy only about a couple of songs.  My favorites were "It's a Privilege to Pee," "Run, Freedom, Run," and "Snuff that Girl."  The songs are funny, too, but the book: the book is hilarious.

Go.  Pay the money and go.  Seriously.  It's good fucking theatre. 

KIM, I'm talking to you too.  Go.