Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 October 2004

Everyone Plays This Club Cranium Card! And It's a Humdinger.

Wake up, baby
A star is a slave

I went to my darling friend Madison's 26th birthday party this evening after casual Friday at work. We had burgers and drank lots of beer and played Cranium. Madison & Brantley mostly have older friends, and they all seem to be single (searching) gay men. This would be lovely, except that most of them are much older and/or are overweight/ugly. Brantley is constantly attempting to set me up with one or more of them. This is not on my list of things I love to do, but Madison's birthday is Madison's birthday, and I went to the house party knowing that it might possibly be filled with older/overweight/ugly/gay men. It wasn't. Hurrah. There were a few single guys, but I don't think they were gay. (I am kinda bad about telling if people are hitting on me or not--most men are bad at this, I think.) At any rate, the rest of the people were younger (straight) couples. Maddie's brother Craig was there, too, and we're cool.

So we played Cranium and it was great fun! I am horrible when I play this game. I had started drinking at 7:30p with no food in my system and so by the time the game started at 10:00p I was loaded. The thing is that I'm fairly good at the game, but I'm no fun because I don't care whether I win or lose. I seriously do not give a shit. I am not at all competitive. I spend the whole game insulting the players on the other teams. Just for laughs, of course. I only play for laughs... not to actually hurt anyone, but I aim for the ego, and that can be dicey. My team won the game, and I guess it felt good, but it's the playing that's fun for me; not the winning. These other people: they want to win and they're out for blood. They cheat; they insult their own team (I always choose to insult the opponents: it's much more positive).

I actually hummed "Bridge over Troubled Water" and my teammate actually got it. Try humming this to someone and see how far you get.

I liked the young couples. They were nice. A little wholesome, but nice. I like people with a little more edge, generally, but these folks were okay. Mostly I was just glad the party guests were my age.

I have a lot I would like to accomplish this weekend (more grad school research; grocery shopping; dry cleaning; paying bills; studying for the GRE; making reservations for Madison's wedding.) Hopefully I actually get to do some of this. My weeks are filled to the fucking brim with shit to do. Tomorrow I am participating in a charity reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream and I am inexpressibly sad about it.