Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 October 2004

Only Two Updates on a Monday?

I'm sure you all missed me desperately today.
And even if you didn't.

The first day at work went well. The company is very swank. I like it, and the folks seem to like me a lot, and even if they hadn't they seem to be hurting for accounting help, so it looks like I'm there to stay... at least for a time.

I got to Pomona from Burbank in only one hour! I was very excited about this. I went 80mph almost the whole way.
My house is about the half-way point between my two jobs. It is a half hour to the Burbank job and a half hour to the Pomona job. We shall see what the traffic holds for me tomorrow... I am not optimistic.

Rehearsals seem to be going well, too. This show is going to be really cool, and I think I have a lot of really nice ideas.

God, it's like it was when I was working at The Colony for Jeff Calhoun and Cornell Christianson. First job. Second job. Home. Sleep. And quite literally no time for anything else. Think positive thoughts about me...