Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

11 October 2004

Wolpe Diapers

Things are going well, but I'm tired. I was in a cruel mood today. I think it was because when I got in to work this morning I added up my time card and it came to 39.75 hours regular and 0.5 hours overtime for last week. So Roxie, my immediate supervisor, tells me that I don't get overtime because I'm still "in training." Fine. Whatever. So I give her my time card and I total it to say 40.25 regular and 0 overtime. She gives it back to me corrected: 39.75 regular, 0 overtime. It's only a half hour, but it's a half hour I should be paid for. What the fuck?

Valparaiso is going well. I always say on here that I love working with Kevin. This was driven home to me this evening, once again. In other news, Cyn Pérez is going to be absolutely brilliant in this show. No kidding.

I do not like Lisa Wolpe. (If you're thinking about posting a defense of her in the comments, please don't.) I have met this bitch at least three times. I was in a reading with her several years ago, she worked with me when CSUP did Othello two years ago, and I made a point to say hi to her in the hall last year when she directed a production of Irene Fornes's Mud. She claimed she didn't remember me then, but seemed to recall when I reminded her that we were actually in a show together. Today, this bitch popped her head into Linda Bisesti's office to say some word or two. I was sitting in Linda's office as I often do, and Linda jumped up and asked Lisa if she'd met me. "No, I haven't" she said. I shook her hand, but I just couldn't squeeze out any other niceties. I cannot believe her.

Fuck Puck.