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16 October 2004


Okay, so I wasn't really paying that much attention when they showed me the scores, and when they did, they didn't show me the percentiles, so I'm not exactly sure how I did on the tests, but I think the scores fell out like this:

Verbal: ~640 / 90th percentile
Quantative (fucking math): ~720 / 74th percentile

As you can see, most people do a lot better on the math than on the verbal portion, but I did pretty well overall, I think.

I studied theatre at university. I don't know about this math shit. I haven't looked at a math textbook in six years. And they ask the hardest fucking questions!

The other portion of the test is a writing portion, where the tester writes a critique of an argument for 30 minutes, and then writes an essay on a given topic for 45 minutes. I think I did absolutely brilliantly on this part of it, so we shall see. They send that part of the test in the mail in 2 weeks.

Thank god it's over.