Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 October 2004

The Weekend of Shopping

So I bought six shirts, five ties, and a pair of shoes on Friday Grand Total: a lot of money.
Today I bought four pairs of underwear and six pairs of socks. Calvin Klein was having a 25% off sale and I got out of Macy's so cheap! Hurrah.

I talked to Linda Bisesti today. I am going to help her actors with dialect on Thursday night. I so rarely mind doing favors for her. (Except: no more readings. Ever.) It's only going to be one hour off of my rehearsal anyway, so it's no big deal.

I've been thinking about the summer theatre options at CSUP. I don't know. I know everyone thinks I'm being regressive working at CSUP, but I find it fulfilling and I like working with Linda and Bill and Jeanine and Joyce and Dennis. Maybe I'm comfortable. (?) I try to analyze this, but the good keeps outweighing the bad and I just don't want to work as an A.D. in Hollywood if I can direct my own shows at Cal Poly. If I did a summer show, it would have to be Shakespeare. But it could also be Shakespeare in rep with something else: or two Shakespeare shows in rep—Comedy of Errors in rep with Two Noble Kinsmen—okay maybe not that.

Coriolanus in rep with Bryony Lavery's Frozen. ?

I was planning on going to the inaugural performance of the pipe organ at the Walt Disney Concert Hall tonight. Well at 1:15p I looked at the ticket options online and realized the show was at 2:00p! So I got in my car and drove downtown. It takes me less than fifteen minutes to get down there, but there were no tickets left and a huge line outside. I waited in the sun for about thirty minutes, but they only let maybe one or two people in. Boo. I went shopping instead. That concert hall is beautiful, though, and I could hear the organ in the lobby. I've got to hear it soon. It sounds like it's magnificent. Some day soon...