Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 October 2004

A new job and a possible new job

Work is easier with less painful shoes.
There is a boy named Steven at my work. He is tall and blond and cute and wears a tie.

Act I of Val ran 34 minutes this evening. It was the first run-through and it was soooo short. Ah well. It's a comedy, I guess, but geebus I wasn't expecting it to be that short. It's a good thing. (That last sentence guest-posted by Martha Stewart--love her.)

This job is no sweat. Honestly. And they want me start working OT. Can you say "over $20 an hour"? I can. Woo hoo.

I will also be sending my résumé to a man at UC Riverside. They're looking for a director for their production of Midsummer to go up in March. Hmm.