Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 October 2004

Weekend Update

I think it was a really good weekend. I don't really want to commit to "good," but it definitely approached goodness.
The Sixteenth
I took the GRE in the early hours of the morning. I studied hard and did well. I am this much closer to getting into a good graduate school. Applying would be nice. I'll get on that next week. Baby steps for the man who is slow to decide.

I visited with my Arizona friend Jamie Reynolds for a half hour or so after the big test. She seems to have taken to Arizona like a fish to water or some other metaphor less icthian. I miss this friend of mine and it was good to be able to visit her. I wish her so much good luck.

I watched the final three hours of Angels in America and there isn't much to say about this except that it is a stunning, brilliant achievement. This film/play is a seminal event in the history of the American homosexual community. The 1980s, Reagan, Roy Cohn, communism, socialism, Mormonism, Judaeism, AIDs, agnosticism, the ozone: this play has so much to say about humanity and compassion and responsibility and what it truly means to love.

Then Anna, Julie, Lisa, Jaime and I had sushi in La Verne and I'll be damned if four highball glasses were not just sitting on the trash can outside in pristine condition, if filled with leftover limes and discarded ice cubes. Well these little lovelies went directly into my jacket pockets and got unloaded directly into my dishwasher at home where they will make many of my friends happy when filled with gin or citron vodka.

I had a free pumpkin spice latté with Jai after Lisa, Julie and Anna left and it felt great when I climbed gratefully into my enormous bed in my own home.

Day 17 of This Month
Instead of watching a film (my usual modus operandi on a Sunday morning), I decided to clean. I emptied all the trash in the house, did the dishes, swept and otherwise cleaned the kitchen, and finally set up my new mixer (thanks Nancy, it rocks!).

Then. and this is huge. I finished the Sunday crossword from last week. I have never done this ever in my whole life.

I went to the grocery, spend very little money, planned my meals for the next week (unfortunately I must do this, as I have no time to myself mid-week).

Wahima was at my house when I returned from the grocery, so she assisted me up the stairs and then we headed to Old Town Pasadena, where, apparently, no one sells shelving units with wine racks on the bottom. Lame. But I bought three pairs of pants at Banana Republic on sale, and they're all machine washable. This might be some kind of miracle: seriously.

As and I walked down the street, these two women passed us and one said to the other, "she's beautiful" and the other one said "Mm-hmm." Wahima didn't hear them but I did. It was cool.

Elizabeth and Justin and I went to dinner and otherwise hung out. I love spending time with these two. I feel like I'm gushing when I'm with them because I'm so excited to see them, but I let it go and just try to enjoy myself. I had a beer called Arrogant Bastard, but it was only okay, and a really good burger with jalapeños on it.

Then we watched I ♥ Huckabees which I liked a lot more than Elizabeth and Justin did. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. It isn't Charlie Kaufman, but it's still pretty fucking funny. Mark Wahlberg is the best thing in it, honestly. He's wonderful. But I liked everyone else, too. Watching Isabelle Huppert mock her own image of "the actress who goes too far" was cool, and Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin were really funny, too.

I'm cooking now so that I have food for next week. This is my plan. I feel good and I'm going to bed in a few minutes. Cheers.