Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 June 2004

The Daily Shrew Update

I got an e-mail from Vanessa today saying that she thinks we ought to have a Friday rehearsal.  We are not.  I don't know why she even thought of it.  I don't even think we need it.  What we need to do is get the motherfucking piano off of the stage and round up some goddamned rehearsal props.

We had a run-thru last night for the first time.  I guess people kinda panic on the first run-thru, but that's because they're not sure what to expect from a a first run-thru.  There is generally way more confusion and frustration on a first run-thru than we had at ours last night.  A lot of the people are still on book, which is, quite frankly, pretty unforgiveable.  I mean, I forgive Michael because this was still only his seventh day of rehearsal, but for Greg and Brittney, there truly is no excuse.  So Acts Four and Five really do suck... but this is not something I can fix by adding a rehearsal.  This is something that needs to be fixed tonight and tomorrow night during our normal scheduled rehearsal.  In actual fact, I was very encouraged by last night's rehearsal.  I took four and a half pages of notes... which is an excellent sign of good things.  It's the actor-y things that still frustrate me... like people fucking up blocking and not having lines memorized.  Grr to those people.

Yesterday morning I was awakened at 7:05a by the tree-trimming that was happening directly underneath my window.

This morning it was the people in the unit above me, who decided to repair their shower beginning at 7:55a.

Sleep, where dost thou reside?  I miss thee.