Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 June 2004

So... Much... Wine...

Today, Jen, Jeremy, Justin, Elizabeth, Aaron, Kim and I went to Temecula to go wine-tasting for Elizabeth's birthday.  Do make a note that it was three couples and then little ol' me.  The couple thing was actually okay... not difficult at all.  It's a whole different story, I guess, when I get along well with everyone.  I can be quite sociable if I like the entire party.  Wine tasting was a blast.  What a fun way to spend a day!  We went to the Falkner winery first, where I bought a lovely bottle of Syrah.  Then we went to the Wilson Creek winery next which was also really nice.  They are famous for their almond champagne, but they also had a lovely Cabernet, a very nice Port, and the most fabulous Sherry in the world.  I cannot exaggerate the deliciousness of this Sherry.  Their Muscat was also nice.  Now the first winery afforded us the tasting of seven wines plus Aaron gave me one of his, so I had eight.  The second winery afforded us five tastes.  I had these five and then purchased a glass of the port in a chocolate shot-glass.  I also "forgot" once to give them my ticket, so I had an extra (oops).  So I had seven at the second winery.  By the third winery I was definitely talkative.  The third winery was not that good.  I forget what it was called, even.  They had a so-so Muscat and that was it.  Their Zin was not good at all.  But I really didn't care by this point, and I don't think anyone else did either.  We went to still another winery (Callaway), though, and drank another four glasses there.  Lotsa wine.  Wine-a-plenty, even.

It was a lovely day and a great way to celebrate a birthday.  I would recommend an outing like this for any group of friends.

Yesterday, as I left for work, Jill called me and suggested Disneyland.  It was okay.  I rode the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  I think I'm still unsure why there's a Twilight Zone tie-in.  I've never seen the show, but I think the ride would have been just as scarier if there were no Twilight Zone tie-in.  I think the whole Hollywood Hotel/Barton Fink thing is scary enough as it is.  Maybe it would have been scarier if I had seen the show once or twice... I dunno?  Comments?

I'm exhausted, though.  I didn't get enough sleep last night 'cause I got home late from the Land called Disney and I had to get up and meet my friends for the wine-tasting outing, so I's tired.

I got home today to a new Netflix movie, and the new CD by the Youngblood Brass Band.  I'm going to watch a movie now... I might even go to bed kinda early.