Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 June 2004

Group Affirmation Like "Yes, Y'all"

I love this new cd!  I am listing to Center: Level: Roar by the Youngblood Brass Band.  Seriously this is the coolest fucking sound.  Visit the website and listen to some of the free music they have there.  It's next-level shit.

Here are some of their lyrics:
dream something and we’ll play it
next melody drifting downriver
sun-dressed and -kissed and -shone for new b-boys
no one ever dies
not in my sky
we are soaring so simply it’s missed by reason and exists as silent song
artists wake up human
to put attitude and violence on
put off tomorrow
what say we say what we mean to feel
more often
i’m real sure
i’m less shot
i steal words from hiphop like ‘what’
but i love it like you
don’t you love it when it’s like you
and we say ‘that’s my jam’ because it is
because it’s like that
when it’s like you
giving group affirmation like ‘yes y’all’
and it goes on
because you don’t stop
because if you did
the world would fall apart and these beats would return to the womb of the universe where they’d wait another six billion years for life to sound like ‘boom-bap’ again
so move...

Rehearsal will be canceled tonight if we don't have a Vincentio.  But no one can get ahold of the producer who never has his phone on...

Vanessa is stressing out.  I'm not.  I had a nice, relaxing weekend, and life is good.