Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 June 2004

Dog Slobber Is Not My Thing

Don't go see Saved!  It's image of Baptists is way too shallow to be either funny or horrifying.  It was cute, I guess, but totally predictable, shallow and patronizing to Christians.

That Patrick Fugit, though: what a cutie!  And Mary-Louise Parker looks fabulous.  She looks better than she's ever looked.

Watched My Cousin Vinny this afternoon, too.  Judy Davis should have won the fucking Oscar.  Oscar-winning performance by Marisa Tomei aside, the movie sucked.  Since when are Oscars handed out just because you're the only thing that doesn't suck in a movie?  Ralph Maccio looked like he was having some sort of skin problem.  This movie was just not funny.