Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

22 June 2004

The Phone

Talked to Andrew last night... mostly about my show and how it's going, and then we discussed Shakespeare in general for a while. He's doing a lot of film work, I guess. It was a good conversation. He's still mostly interested in acting and Shakespearean acting, and we have always had good conversations about theatre, so I suppose it went really well. Strangely, this is a topic that we can discuss without being emotional. It's as though we don't make this topic personal. The reason it's so strange is that it used to be the topic around which we would have our biggest fights. He and I would get so mad at one another. We would criticize the other's abilities so harshly. Sometimes we would stop speaking to one another for quite lengthy periods of time. I smile when I think of it now.
Now acting is the topic of choice. It is the positive stuff that is left between us.

After I hung up with Andy I talked to Debs for a little while. She and Jeff are back together. Woo Hoo! I love Deborah's boyfriend, and I'm glad he's back. She broke up with him like 5 months ago, but he is a persistent young man and I am glad he is. I think he's good for her.

Then Andrew called back and left me this long, insightful message about Shakespeare and why we always choose to set it somewhere else. Andy says that Shakespeare didn't deal with local specifics; he dealt with human interaction. Politics and localities didn't seem to interest him. And Andrew's right about this too... Shakespeare never left England. It's not like he knew about Verona or Padua or Messina or Venice. He didn't know shit about those places.