Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 June 2004

I Love Actors

Just finished watching the AFI Tribute to Meryl Streep.  They gave her their lifetime achievement award and showed clips from so many of her films.  Her body of work is just so fucking astounding.  What a brilliant fricking actress.  Mike Nichols presented the award.  You know, it's not even that so many of her performances are great, and almost all of them are... it's the films that she chose: I remember so many of them with so much affection: Deer Hunter and Kramer vs. Kramer and Manhattan and that was just in the 1970's.  Then there was Sophie's Choice and Out of Africa and Silkwood and A Cry in the (the dingo took my baby) Dark and The Bridges of Madison County and The Hours.  Wow.  So many great, great movies.

James Ferguson called me tonight.  We had fun.  He, like Allan, always reminds me that I am a living, working artist and that I ought to think of myself as one.  James is always thinking of forms and styles and we can actually talk about plays.  He is so awesome, and, in a lot of ways, my hero.

To bed.