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18 June 2004

I did my own rehearsal report...

SHREW - Daily Report

DATE: 17 June 2004 

Cast called: Dan, Greg, Zuriel, Josh, Brittney, Ashley, Matthew, Jensen, Michael, Shawn, Katie, Kevin, Sachi, Cyn

Late: Michael (10 min); Greg (again... that’s 3 days in a row).  I talked to Greg after rehearsal about his continued tardiness.  I was firm. 

I blocked Act Five in its entirety today and then we ran it at least 3 times.  I told the actors that the next time I call Act Five I don’t want them to have books in-hand.  At 10:00p, Michael, Brittney and I blocked Petruchio and Kate’s first meeting.

Stage Management:  Shannon and Vanessa were both out today.  Vanessa, I would like the cast to have a contact sheet by Monday, now that we have a full cast.

Sets:  The piano is still on stage.  Right now we have it pushed into the up-left corner and it is serving as the bar.  I would like 2 barstools and a table and chairs as soon as can be.  They don’t need to work for the show: they just need to be rehearsal-level items.

Electric: Nothing at this time.

Makeup: Nothing at this time.

Costumes: Inez would like to have a meeting with all of us.

Properties: Nothing at this time.

Sound:  Sade is not such a good idea for pre-show, in my opinion.  I would prefer more upbeat sounds.  I love Sade, but she’s not the happiest of singers.

Publicity: Is there an update on publicity?  John, you had said you wanted to talk to the actors about ticket sales.  Would you like Vanessa to schedule a time after or before a rehearsal when you can do this?