Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 June 2004

Gallantry and Alcoholism

I am so happy with my cast.  I finally have a full cast.  I have yet to meet the guy playing Vincentio, but he comes from Nick (the good producer), from whom I got Josh, so I trust him completely.  Mike Steger joined the cast as Petruchio this evening, and (to my mind) fit right it.  I am sure he will take some getting used to from the rest of the cast, but he's supposed to be a little bit of a strange phenomenon in this beach town I have created. I think Mike is going to be very very funny.  He, at least, will listen to what I have to say and follow my direction.  I am happy.

We had fun again tonight, and I am crazy-busy doing shit on the stage.  I am directing like a madman.  There is so much business!  Matt and Josh came up with a great joke involving Matt's cane, which he brought of his own volition (!).

I had a conversation with Greg in the parking lot on the way out of rehearsal, then I called Ashley on the way home and we talked character.

Things are going to be okay with this show.  I have a cast that I like and that is a thing that is hard to come by.