Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 June 2004


I am not getting enough sleep, now. Shrew haunts my dreams. Not that I am worrying about anything, but I am thinking of problems I need to fix before we open in 5 weeks. I mean, there are 5 weeks, so there's no stress, but the ideas still come to me even when I want to sleep. Today is supposed to be this pizza party thing. A word to the wise: the actors can't all meet one another if we are still missing two of them. Grr.
I am awake this morning, though. Hello out there. Good luck to you cats who have finals.
I was thinking about having a really queeny Grumio. It is a very funny thing. It's the normal comedic relief we expect from a fem guy who spends his time making fun of others. The problem with this is that I think it's just a little homophobic. I mean, he's obviously this way in real life, and so it's not a stereotype. It's not like I've made him into this character who is a queen. But he is a queen and I've asked him to play this character, and so, in a way, I have made the character into a queen nonetheless. I wonder about the laughter I know this will cause. It is going to be funny: there is no question about that.
I think my main problem with the usual thing of having the queen as comic relief is that the queen is never a sexual being, or is rarely a sexual being. I'm going to fix this in my show. I have to. Grumio has to have a lover at the end of the show. He must. I will figure this out. That might be the actual end of the show after all the lines are over. Everyone leaves. Grumio sits. Someone (!) comes in. They go off in the sunset together.