Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

07 June 2004

I'm Ready to Move Out in Front

Rehearsal went well tonight.  I have such extremes of emotion.  Being a Pisces is tough, everyone.

I have no Petruchio, but it's actually okay.  I mean, we can do the work without him.  I can talk to the other actors and really have a positive effect on them.  Greg had all sorts of questions for me, and after rehearsal, Brittney and I talked about Katharina for a good half hour.  I love for actors to talk to me.  It makes me feel like they want to know what I think, first of all.  And secondly, it makes me feel like they want to be better than they are. 

This guy Shawn who will be playing Grumio... looks so much like this guy Shaun who I dated, and is queeny like Shaun too.  So strange.  Wait till you see him, Wahima.  You'll laugh.  They are so similar and they have homophonic names.  This Shawn is funny, though. 

But sometimes I am just good at rehearsal.  I have good things to say and they are things that the actors need to hear at the time.  It's some weird synergy that happens when I am on.

Jensen has been fairly low energy for the last 2 days or so.  I am not a fan.  I just want to put a lighter under his ass and tell him to wake up.  I might tomorrow if he flops himself down somewhere like he did today.

So I don't have two actors still, but I am starting to block this motherfucker on Wednesday, actor or no actor.  And it's all going to be fine.  I am not even a little worried.

I talked to Linda today.  She is so funny!  I love it when I talk to her.  I suppose that's why I call her.  She's so amusing.