Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 June 2004

Margo Channing

Everybody has a heart.

Except some people.

Rehearsal was good again today.  It, in fact, continues to be good.  I worked Act Five like crazy today.

Yesterday I raised my voice at the cast.  Today I yelled.  It was quick and hopefully painless, but I positively yelled "SHUT UP" today to Shawn and Jensen and I meant it.  Having 15 actors onstage is no easy thing.  Bob must have been crazy to think he could do it with Hamlet.  It's a mess.  I mean, I knew how to clean it up and all, but it was tough.  Plus they're all talking all of the time.  Sometimes it makes me want to scream.  Blocking doesn't seem to get any easier, though with 15 people onstage, blocking is a cinch. 

Thank the stars for Michael.  He is seriously a godsend.  He is doing wonderfully.  He is having fun and grinning and generally keeping the mood as light as air.  It's quite the blessing, honestly.  And he blocks himself for the most part.  After rehearsal was over, Brittney and Michael and I blocked their first meeting.  It went like butter.  They have ideas.  We talk through them.  We try things.  This scene is going to be totally hot.

I am seriously so fucking exhausted.