Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 June 2004

4 Things I Hate About You.

Reasons I'm frustrated with John Zamora:

1. I still don't have a Vincentio.  It's week FOUR.

2. I still don't have rehearsal furniture.  It's week FOUR.  He tells me today that he'll get it as soon as I tell him what I need.  I respond that it was in the last rehearsal report that I sent out and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that.

3. The poster.  He asks me if I like it and then tells me I can't change it.  I tell him I love it.  Why even ask?  But one of the reasons this show is set on the beach is to sell the show.  Are there bathing suits on the poster?  Even a hint of skin?  Breasts?  Ass? Anything?  No.  Sand.  There's plenty of sand.  There's a wedding cake.  Lots of wedding cake.  It's actually a sand wedding cake.  There is no way I could not hate this poster.

4. He takes an attitude with me!  As if I am not doing my job or as if I am bugging him too much. 


I hope that the Shrew reference in the subject is not lost on you readers.

Cyn is such a trouper.  I am happy with her.  Actually, tonight the entire cast was helpful and mostly quiet.  They were patient with me, and I was in a fairly cantankerous mood when we began so it was very good of them.  And who knew it was possible... Kevin was funny.  He came up with some business that I laughed out loud at.  He told an old joke, but it's still funny.  Greg was on time (will wonders never cease).  I've decided that Dan is really really cute.  I'm not going to bother developing a crush on him or anything drastic like that, but he's really cute.

At some point today I said "Lies, Christina," and Shawn says, "I just watched that."  Homos!  I bet no one else even knew.  Yay for Pride Week.  Then I went on this whole kick about All About Eve, which I shan't go into here since I did the same thing in this forum just last week.