Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 June 2004

Good Movie

I just finished watching The Conversation with Gene Hackman from 1974.  (Also with Teri Garr, John Cazale, Harrison Ford and Robert Duvall.)  Very good movie from F.F.Coppola from the same year as The fucking incredible Godfather: Part II.  I thought it would be of particular interest to Sally, since the movie is entirely about sound and sound recording.  Check it out, Sally.  I think you'll find it kind of interesting.  It's the 1970's, of course, so they're recording onto analog reel-to-reels of some kind.  I don't know.  The equipment will make more sense to you, but it's a really good movie aside from the sound interest.

Talked to Marcos today.  He's filming Monster-in-Law on Wed, Thu & Fri.  Hmm.  He said he would do Petruchio if we couldn't find anyone else.  It's a bit of a relief to know I'll not go completely without an actor, and it was kind of nice to talk to him, too.  He got cast in the movie at the specific request of Ms. Fonda herself, who he says he talks to by email and has talked to by phone.  Marcos Tello & Jane Fonda.  Funny.

Jaime started talking about my bachelor party today.  I'm not getting married, but Jaime is talking about the bachelor party.  Bizarre.  She went to Laughlin this weekend for a bachelorette party and came back $8 ahead after paying for the room, gas and drinks.  Now that's good gambling.

Had lunch with Kristen today at Goodfellas on Melrose.  Kitty was there too.  A little weird, I mean, I was supposed to hang out with Kristen, and Kitty's niece, but I don't really know her, and all we had to talk about normal "mixer"-type things instead of good friend talk like Kristen and I would normally have.  I dunno.  It was a little disappointing.  I haven't seen her in ages and when I do the ex-roommate is there too.  Boo to that.

Boo Radley, even.