Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 June 2004

Funny Girl: Part II

Just got off the phone with Allan. He makes me want to be a better, different person when I talk to him. It was a very good conversation. I was glad.

I have returned from a morning screening of the 1975 film Funny Lady, the sequel to the hit movie Funny Girl about commedienne Fanny Brice and starring the Barbra Streisand.
Can anyone guess what the ratio of males to females in this theatre was? I'll tell you: it was 8:1. No joke. I counted. Gay men and Barbra Streisand... I'm sure there are books to explain the obsession.
Funny Lady sucked. Funny Girl had it's problems, but the sequel has swallowed all of the original's problems and created another monster. This is a bloated mess of a film with not a bit of direction. It was easily 40 minutes too long, and just didn't know how to end. Babs is good, but she's been much better, and the plot is just an utter mess. There is one knock-down, drag-out great number called "How Lucky Can You Get?" and James Caan is hot (I've always had a thing for the James Caan of the 1970s), but that's it.