Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 April 2004

Ah for a Lazy Saturday

I love these lazy Saturdays!  The last 3 weeks I have had to run off to work at LLL, but this Saturday I slept late and then paid bills and then spent some time at repose in the sun in these great white linen shorts I have.

I have begun to read The Taming of the Shrew but have not yet finished.  It is a short play.  I am not yet halfway through, but I have been thinking about what Zamora wants, and I am not sure.  He mentioned something about Kate and Petruchio in a boxing ring... I dunno about all of that stuff.

But I was thinking about CSULB and the people they have there and that got me a little excited.  Linda did have some really good folks in R&J.

I hate thinking that Kevin thinks that I am all gaga over him.  This is so not the case and it really irks me that he thinks that.  He was all cocky with me last night like I was drooling over him or some such shit.  Not so, man.

I just finished reading a small article in praise of Mary Renault and her fiction concerning gay men in ancient Greece.  Hmm.  I should probably check out one of her books, but I'm not really into fiction that much unless it's dramatic.

I guess I will take Linda up on her offer and direct at CSUP in the Fall or the Winter.  I kind of hate to do the Winter, just because Twelfth Night is going on and it will have such a big cast... but even so... there are people who don't want to do Shakespeare and I can direct those people.

I have to do some kind of workup for Shrew.  I have to really think about this.  I am totally amenable to doing it any which way they please... the whole point of having me as a director, I would say, would be my skill with the language... not necessarily my ability to invent (artificial) approaches to the text which will make the audience go, "Oh, how clever!"  This is not my goal.

I think I'd like to go see I'm Not Scared if I can this evening.  I called D and left him a message, but no response yet.

I caught a little of the EME show last night, which was cool.  I talked to Jensen a little bit about his role as Cathy in Act II of C9 as well.  He seemed to not really understand his own thematic purpose as a character.  We talked about it for a little while, or rather, I talked about it and told him how important Cathy is as the next generation of these people.