Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

01 April 2004

I'm craving spaghetti

Hee Hee.  The boss's plans were thwarted today.  One of our bigwig clients told Steve he was coming in before 5p today... so Steve assumes that Jack meant just before 5.  Not so.  Jack and his wife showed up here at 11am!  Ha ha ha.  So of course Steve's not ready and because he is a slacker, he looks like an asshole to the clients (who we've had for years) but have fired Steve on a couple of jobs for just this kind of idiocy.  Soon, they will fire us completely.  I think, after this tax season is over.  Oh well.

I called the Old Spaghetti Factory (me and Wahima's normal hangout) and ordered food to go.  Brilliant.  No waiting to be seated, no crappy service.  Just cheap food to go.  Hopefully this all works out.

I Vitelloni was excellent and it isn't on DVD, so I was glad I caught it down at the NuArt in Westwood.  I took 134-101-405 to get there and it took about 30 min.  Yahoo says that 134-2-5-110-101-10-405 is quicker, but I thought I would rather not drive through the city if I didn't have to... even at 9pm, the city is unpredictable.

I am in a nice mood today and the weather is cool and lovely after days of heat.  Yesterday was nicer, but today is nice too.  Plus I am excited for some reason about seeing Jeremy.  Weird.  I kind of miss him.

When is the next monkey show?  I guess I will go on the website and see.

Jill and I had the greatest phone conversation last night.  I miss her so much and we are both positively giddy about seeing one another on the 12th.  We were laughing about the dumbest shit, I swear.

My NPR station is having a pledge drive.  Ahhhh!  I am tired of it.  I already gave them my money; can't they stop now?

Have I mentioned how much I love the Supreme Court?  I have taken to calling them "The Nine."  I love when they are unanimous about shit.  That is my favorite thing.  I have decided that Clarence Thomas is Antonin Scalia's sidekick, as well... like Robin to Batman.  Just a diluted version of the real thing.

I wonder what is in theatres this Friday.  The only one I can think of is Kim Ki-duk's Spring Summer Fall Winter ...and Spring, which I am definitely seeing.  It looks lovely.